2021 Preparations

2021 Preparations

11 Apr 2021

A substantial amount of work is being done to the Club to try to prepare for the 2021 season..

So far we have been connected to the mains water, an enormous project taken on and managed from start to finish by Darren Peck, to whom we owe a huge thanks.

Our dedicated grounds team, Dan Clayton and Will Howe, in addition to all they do on the ground and the water project,  have undertaken  to rebuild the wall at the front of the Club anrd relay slabs which has involved cutting huge pieces of brick and stone after work and at weekends in the cold and rain.  Eddie Hugget came up in the early morning on Saturday with a digger to prepare the groundwork. 

Our new bar manager, Chris Willemstein, has taken it upon himself to paint the bar, including filling holes and cleaning, as well as the floor, again working hours last weekend and after work in the cold.

Chris Yeates and Ben Meikle have dedicated themselves to repairing and fixing the old static net as well as ordering new training kit including a roll on net and Ben has volunteered to organise all adult coaching sessions this season.

Adam Drysdale hauled all the benches out of the Club, cleaned them and oiled them ready for long summer days spent relaxing with a glass in hand watching the mighty Winch claim defeat from the jaws of victory!

Callum Hillyard-MacPherson has spent hours chasing moles and ridding us of these pitch invaders, often into the late hours.  Freddie Drysdale put the covers on and helped clear some of the junk.

All the above hauled tons of heavy wood, metal and other debris from the back of the Club into a trailer to finally clear a huge mess that has sat there for years, whilst Ann Willemstein bravely dug around in the absolutely disgusting rubbish bins to ensure that the correct waste is loaded into them for when the bin men come (our bin men are particularly diligent in ensuring no glass bottle strays into a green bin therefore meaning the bin will not be taken).

Our Chairman, Jon Lewis, is going along today to paint the exterior with the world's most expensive Sadolin!

To these and all our other dedicated volunteers and helpers - simply thank you.  Looking forward to a long, sunny and happy 2021 cricket season!