Access to the Cricket Club

Access to the Cricket Club

7 Jun 2020

Dear All

Further to the guidance received from the ECB with regard to re-starting cricket practice, our Chairman, Jon Lewis, has spoken to the Gloucestershire Cricket board and we are very pleased to advise that access to practice at Winchcombe Cricket Club will be granted from Monday 18 May 2020, with certain conditions which are set out below.

Conditions of this access are as follows:

Only six people at a time may be at the ground to practice together.

Access to the ground is only permitted on the making of a telephone booking in advance with Jon Lewis on 07810 710648 J

on will give you a time, duration and date for you to go to the ground and will speak to you about the rules. These must be strictly adhered to.

You may not practice at the Club without having spoken to Jon first. It is not enough to leave a message. Permission may not be obtained from any other Committee member.

No other people may go up with you to watch etc.

Only Club Members will be allowed access.

Responsibility for the adherence to social distancing rules, hand sanitising etc. lie with the individuals involved and the Club accepts no liability

There will be no access to the Pavilion

The Club will not supply any kit including first aid kit etc. so please ensure you bring what you need and take it with you when you go.

You should have your mobile with you for use in case of emergency.

No two juniors will be permitted to attend, one of the pair must be an adult member

Wait until those preceeding you have left before you go to the nets.

Ensure the gate from Corndean Lane is left closed at all times

Our landlord is aware of these plans and is allowing us to start to use the facilities for which we are very grateful, and so we would urge all members to be mindful of the rules, which are for everyone's protection and enjoyment.

We very much hope it will not happen, but any breaching of the rules will mean we will be forced to stop so please, for the sake of everybody, adhere to them so that we can take these baby steps to reopening.

Go well everyone, stay safe and enjoy! Winchcc Committee