Letter from the Chairman

20 Feb 2019

Dear Members,

As the newly elected Chairman of Winchcombe Cricket Club I thought that my first official duty should be to say some thank yous to some special people who have done so much for our club and are now taking a well earned rest.

Thank you Dipak Basu. In your time as Club President you showed endless enthusiasm and a real passion for the club. My spirits are always lifted when you arrive at the club because of your positivity and genuine interest in its members. I know that Winchcombe Cricket Club means so much to you and Margaret, and I hope you will still come up to the club as often as possible.

Thank you to Pat and Brian Morris. You have both given years of great service to the club in many roles. At long last you can look forward to a summer when the Cricket Club doesn’t have to take over your lives. You can now come up to the club and have nothing to do but enjoy yourselves.

Thank you to Kevin Keylock. After many years as Club Chairman K.K. has been shuffled upstairs into a Director of Cricket role. He is now the Club President. There is not a single job at the club that K.K. has not done. He has been a true servant of the club. I will be using K.K. on a consultancy basis for any Chairman issues I need assistance with. I know that K.K. will make a superb Club President and wish him all the best in this new role. I am sure that you will all wish to pass on your thanks to these fantastic people, so please do. Last Monday the newly formed Cricket Club Committee met for the first time and it was great to see some new and younger faces involved in the of running of the club. We have lots to do before the season starts and some key issues to resolve but I feel confident that with cooperation and hard work we will be successful. If any members have any ideas, issues or suggestions (fundraising ideas particularly welcome) for the Committee then please feel free to contact me in person at jonboylewis@aol.com or on 07810710648.

Lastly, please take a moment to reflect on what Winchcombe Cricket Club means to you. Ask yourself the question. How can I give something back to the club? Any offer of help is gratefully received and much appreciated. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at The Corndean Astrodome when the sun comes out in the spring.

ATB Jon Lewis