Dipak Basu

Dipak Basu

1 Mar 2024

Dipak first came to Winchcombe as a young man to work at the mill and quickly became part of the fabric of the community, playing for very many years in the cricket club as player and then Captain and later Chairman. His engaging, warm and accepting nature has made him many, many friends in the town and around the world – of all gender, age, colour and creed.

As President he came up to all adult home matches and junior ones – last season the young first team were having a bit of a party after the game with music etc. and they saw his car coming – quick they said, Dipak is coming, he is the President – he will never approve. When Dipak came in the Club he said to them ‘I heard there was a party going on, where’s the music, turn it up – let’s have a drink together! – the youngsters were astounded that one of the Old Guard would want to party with them. And he did. Until very late.

Although over 80 Dipak recognises that the game has changed, he understands the needs to engage with younger people and let them do things a bit differently. This open attitude has allowed the Club to flourish rather than standing still. He never, ever, says the words ‘Back in my day …..’

He has almost magical powers of persuasion which can make you agree to do something without even realising you have agreed, but it is always done with a twinkle of an eye and the offer of a drink. Dipak organises events with the local community like getting all the doctors and nurses from the local surgery up for President’s Day, getting advertisers for our handbook and organising curry nights for ex players.

He helps the Committee by being referee, umpire and counsellor when things get tricky, as they often do. Dipak is our friend and mentor, a gentleman and our hero and we are so very sad he is standing down as President but happy that he and Margaret will continue to come up to the ground to support all our teams, young and old.

We cannot really put into words how much everyone in the Club loves this man and we were delighted to put him forward for an OSCA (Outstanding Service to Cricket Award) which he deservedly won. Margaret has supported the Club alongside Dipak, cooking and cleaning and helping out at events.