Message from our new Chairman Adam Drysdale

Message from our new Chairman Adam Drysdale

15 Jan 2023

Dear Members

Firstly a very warm new year!

 Following last night’s AGM we step forward into 2023 very positively with both old and new faces taking up positions on the Club’s operating committee.

 I’m going to be brief, having been elected to follow Jon Lewis’s footsteps as Club Chairman I have two key elements of the Club on which to focus.

Firstly we will be working hard to improve the Club infrastructure such as nets and general condition, whilst ensuring we maintain financial security. I’m very pleased that Darren Peck has taken the reins of the Treasury and together with the wider committee this will be a key task.

 Secondly, we have over recent years thanks to some great work from those involved with the All Stars and Dynamos cricket, a burgeoning youth membership. This success has bought with it the need to re-start our under 11/12 youth teams to ensure we provide competitive cricket for those moving up. The Club will be employing a cricket coach for “youth development” and we are hopeful that one or two parents may step forward to assist with running weekly matches. Having coached and managed youth Cricket for a number of years at Winchcombe I can certainly confirm it’s a rewarding experience. So if you have keen to play kids I’d be grateful if you would flag up by reply your desire to have them play competitive matches along with their age, this will allow us to plan and help enormously!

 So lots to do, lots of cricket to come and hopefully lots of fun along the way. If you feel you can help in anyway please do just send an email or ask at the bar, we won’t say no! “


Adam Drysdale